When the reminder popped up on my calendar, it was like a slap across the face. Christmas blend, already!!! So yep, here it is. 

Introducing our Naughty Elf Blend. 

Made up of three epic coffees. Indonesia – Blue Bianca Estate, Wet Hulled, Nicaragua – Peralta Estate Miriam Microlot, Natural, Anaerobic ferment & Colombia – Huila, Washed.  This blend will get your bells ringing.  You will taste notes of honey and caramel, cognac and dark chocolate, laced with tropical vibes.

It pairs well with milk and is decadently syrupy when drunk black.  Roasted for Espresso extraction, it is best drunk as an espresso or flat-white.  And for all the Naughty Elves out there, add a splash of liquor for some Christmas cheer.

Available for order now and until Christmas.