Our Spring Single Origins

The weather is warming up, and we have some delicious new single origins from around the globe! Colombia | Huila | Washed | Cashew, milk choc & citrus   Grown in fertile volcanic soil, this Colombian coffee is a perfect representation of the quality that such a large growing region can produce. Processed using the […]

Single Origins: February

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Barahona Paraiso | Process: Washed | Elevation: 600-700 MASL | Harvest: October to June All the way from the picture perfect Carribbean comes this fabulously lush coffee.  Barahona lies in the southwest and boasts a unique growing climate, with a year-round rainfall, warm ocean current and gentle winds, which all make for a long growing season. […]

A Short Introduction to Coffee Processing Methods

Occasionally in a cafe you may see information about a coffee bean, including it’s country of origin and a few other facts such as the altitude it’s grown at. You may be wondering what ‘processing method’ may mean, and how it affects your coffee? Here’s a quick breakdown of the three you’re most likely to […]

Coffees of the Month: June

Every month we change our single origin offerings, and have them on rotation at our espresso bar in Enmore. Our coffees are sourced from all around the world, and this month we have coffee available from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama and Papua New Guinea. If you’d like to learn more about these coffees […]

The History of Coffee Beans

This story is one of the most wildest, controversial and amazing that has ever been told. Some facts are debated today and the intercontinental grudges are definitely being held to this day! This is the history, as told by Black Market. It all started with a chilled, Ethiopian farmer in the 13th Century, going about […]

New Single Origin’s for May

We are excited about some fresh new single origins that have landed in Sydney. Every month we receive exciting, sweet single origin coffee beans from all around the world for our clients. As wholesale coffee suppliers based in Sydney, we are looking to team up with cafes that want to serve some of the best, […]

Coffee from Kenya is bright and crisp

New Single Origin Coffee – Kenya Gaturiri

Process: Washed MASL: 1600-1800 Varietal: SL28   Tasting Notes by Jess from Black Market Roasters Kenya is always one of my favourites on the cupping table! Specialty coffee’s from this part of Africa have such a unique profile that most of the time they stand apart from the crowd like a flamingo dancing amongst pelicans. […]

Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rica Coffee is one of the first Central American countries to emerge as a quality coffee producing region. Now they are synonymous with bright, nutty and milk chocolate mouthfeel. Black Market Roasters have purchased a fantastic Caturra and Typica blend from La Rosalia Estate 1400 Metres above sea level. These coffee beans are being […]

Vibrant Vietnamese Coffee Market

What ever preconceptions you have of coffee in Vietnam, be prepared for a shake up. After Black Market Roasters visited Vietnam in 2014, we found a vibrant, innovative and growing market. The world knows that Vietnam grows coffee and a lot of it. Most of the coffee is Robusta, a typically lower quality, high yielding, […]

Koke, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Single Origin Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke

Single Origin Coffee Beans From Yirgacheffe! Country: Ethiopia Region: Yirgacheffe Koke Varietal: Mixed Heirloom Altitude: 1900-2100MASL It is always an exciting time of year when the new crop Ethiopian coffee’s start arriving into Port.  But this coffee is one we have been hanging out for!  The Yirgacheffe region has become well known for it’s fruit […]

Fresh Coffee beans from Ethiopia

New Single Origins Released to Wholesale Clients

Ahh the sweet smell of fresh green beans! Jess has been busy roasting and cupping a fresh crop of single origins available now! Login and head over to WHOLESALE ORDERS Page to get a delivery ASAP! Panama Candella Hartmann           Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke           Guatemala Santa Felisa Estate   […]

ORIGIN: Indonesia Sumatra Wahana

This coffee boasts a peach sweetness with notes of strawberries, mandarin and tropical zest but it still has the characteristic underlying spice that is so typical of Sumatran coffees.  It’s absolutely delicious and as the roaster is my pick for this month! Wahana Estate is located in a region called Sidikalang in the Northern part […]