As a barista, I’ve often been asked, ‘So what do you reckon? Is making coffee an art or science?’. And I don’t like it. It’s often asked with a supercilious arch of the eyebrow, a smirk in the corner of the mouth, and I know they’re leading me into a coffee knowledge death trap. What’s […]


Last month we were so stoked to let you know about our compostable packaging, and while it wasn’t the greatest success we want to keep that momentum going! But first I want to ask you, do you compost? I’ve been composting for a few years now, and I am by no means whatsoever, any good. […]


FIKAPAUS NOVEMBER! (just FYI even though it looks like I couldn’t be bothered to translate November into Swedish – ‘November’ in Swedish, is November) RECIPE: MARMALADE My orange tree goes bananas (ha) this time of year, dropping orange fruit bombs all over the driveway, attracting birds and getting messy. So best I gather a bucket […]


  ROASTERS CHOICE – ETHIOPIA WUSH WUSH After months of waiting, our Ethiopian coffees have finally arrived!  Held up by logistic problems fuelled by COVID and politics (Ethiopia was left without any communication channels for several weeks) our shipment which was expected to arrive early August has finally arrived!   Whilst we have a few Ethiopian […]


Play a game of hypotheticals with me. If you had to lose one of your five senses, or else be slapped across the face with a fish, which one would you choose? The wet fish probably, I’m no good at hypotheticals. But let’s say one of those senses had to go, or something very unpleasant […]


You know of the third wave, right? Yeah, you’re on it. But did you see the first two that came through before it? The ones that set you up for the sweet ride you’re on now? Come, pick up your board and ride the silky golden coffee waves back in space time. Splash around for […]


At a cafe I worked at a while back, we had a beautiful regular named Pat who, in exchange for our used coffee grounds, would bake us banana bread. She would thank us profusely for our generosity which we graciously accepted. Along with the banana bread. Pat loved her garden and would use the spent […]


We are finally making coffee in the new warehouse (…….for ourselves at least) Whilst we are waiting for all our council approvals to come in we’ve started cleaning things up a little around here.  We’ve had the warehouse professionally cleaned to remove all the dust and yuk, and have since started painting the rafters black […]


THE EXCITING FUTURE OF YOUR LOCAL There aren’t many times in our life that we know, as it’s happening, that everything is changing, will change, and the long term effects are unknown. This is most definitely one of those. It’s a time you know the generations to come will learn about in history, political studies, […]

Everything you know about taste is wrong!

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT TASTE IS WRONG Just kidding. You probably know quite a bit, but the title ‘Making Sense of Coffee’ wasn’t working. I’m not a dad and have no place making puns like that.   I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Body’. It dives into the pop science of all our bits and pieces, […]

Reflecting on the Challenges of Latte Art

Do you remember when you poured your first fire breathing dragon flying over the oriental mountains under a starry sky from nothing but the most perfectly textured milk? Yeah me neither. But I do remember as a young Padawan barista the slow arduous journey of latte art. It’s a long way from dumping that frothy […]

FIKAPAUS! Our new monthly tradition

Have you heard of fika? You have most certainly partaken in fika, but probably under one of its inferior conceptions such as the morning tea, or a smoko. The Swedes have Sweded (a Be Kind Rewind reference for the Michel Gondry fans) the morning tea to give it a depth and richness that elevates this […]