Why do our coffee beans taste better?

At Black Market Roasters we like analogies to explain the complexities of coffee as we know not everyone is as nerdy as us…Think back to when you picked up a crisp, shiny Pink Lady apple, bit into it and the juice dribbled out your mouth, the sweetness and slight sour zing mix to give you […]

Coffee Health

Does Australia grow coffee?

This is a great question and one which you may be surprised to hear the answer….YES! Is it any good you might ask? Some estates are seriously taking note of and are making waves on the world stage! So, why are we making a fuss of all this, as many countries around the world grow […]

Barista Courses in Sydney

Where to buy amazing fresh coffee beans

Where Do I buy Amazing, Fresh Coffee Beans? There is a MASSIVE difference in quality when searching for coffee beans. Most likely you would have a regular coffee shop you go to, why not buy beans from there? Well you would, so long as the barista knows a little about, where it was grown, how […]

The parallels of tea and coffee

Typically a person will be either a tea person or a coffee person. Well at Black Market Roasters we don’t like to choose as each has their own amazing qualities and actually offer many similarities. Without going into the similarities, there are many important factors in the preparation of tea that like coffee need to […]

How to get the right milk temperature

How hot should I make the milk? This is really a question of preference, though there are a couple of guidelines when steaming milk for your latte. At our cafe in Sydney we have realised there is not one milk temperature that satisfies everyone, so we serve all milk at 65 degrees Celsius unless they […]

Learn to be a barista

The trend of the home barista

How annoying is it, when you go down to a local cafe, order your coffee and it comes out too hot or tasting too weak? Black Market Roasters analyses the growing trend and quality of making specialty coffee at home and how there are some simple things you can do to make your latte taste […]

Best Brew methods

Stovetop/Moka Pot First patented in 1933 by a dude named Luigi, forget the complex physics of the espresso machine, just give me the coffee! Some say it rivals commercial espresso, I say it is awesome, though slightly different. This little contraption achieves about 1.5 bars of pressure when extracting with the slurry reaching 100 deg […]

Black Market at Melbourne’s international coffee expo 2014

Black Market is eagerly looking forward to Melbourne’s International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2014 With the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2014 (MICE2014) just around the corner with 150 exhibitors over four days using the freshest roasted beans to produce award winning coffee the excitement is building and Black Market Roasters are gearing up to be amongst […]

Want to setup a cafe in Russia?

If you have ever thought you would love to own a café, have you ever thought where it would be? Near the beach, next to a train station, in the CBD? How about in Russia? This is what some of the biggest coffee driven companies in the world are working on right now. Lavazza is […]

World Barista Competition

Held in Melbourne 2013, the World Barista Competition (WBC) was a test of the highest caliber of baristas in front of formidable judges. One representative from 30 countries have been through countless competitions just to get to this level and seeing them all perform in Melbourne was a real treat for the BeanSurfing team. Using […]

5 Most common home coffee mistakes

Black Market Roasters, the online coffee bean shop looks at the most common problems people face when making coffee at home. They are simple to fix, just read on and you will be tasting fantastic tasting coffee in no time! 1. The coffee they receive is dead! If you buy coffee from a supermarket, chances […]

Long blacks, short blacks and other fancy coffees

You can seriously walk into one café in the same city order a long black, get a coffee, then walk into one around the corner, order the same coffee and get something completely different! This can be frustrating as a customer, tough it isn’t all bad, it is because hopefully the barista is trying to […]