Our NEW Compostable bags Whilst our first custom bag run didn’t quite go to plan let’s just say we have learnt some valuable lessons this month when it comes to designing and changing coffee packaging.  We love the look and feel of our new bags! But it comes as a hard blow that they are […]


FIKAPAUS! OKTOBER EDITION Oh hej! Välkommen to spring and our flowery spring edition of fikapaus. It’s the season of fresh starts and new beginnings, appreciating all that winter was with its rugs, mugs and uggs, hibernating and recuperating – but now we are ready to break out of our snug cocoon of comfort, feel the […]


WHAT’S JESS DRINKING THIS MONTH? My pick for this month is a special coffee from Honduras.  As an espresso it is bright and vibrant! Imagine a wicker basket overflowing with cherries, flowers, orange, peach, strawberries and lime and your on your way to imagining how it feels to drink this coffee.   Whilst roasted for […]


We are finally making coffee in the new warehouse (…….for ourselves at least) Whilst we are waiting for all our council approvals to come in we’ve started cleaning things up a little around here.  We’ve had the warehouse professionally cleaned to remove all the dust and yuk, and have since started painting the rafters black […]


THE EXCITING FUTURE OF YOUR LOCAL There aren’t many times in our life that we know, as it’s happening, that everything is changing, will change, and the long term effects are unknown. This is most definitely one of those. It’s a time you know the generations to come will learn about in history, political studies, […]

Everything you know about taste is wrong!

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT TASTE IS WRONG Just kidding. You probably know quite a bit, but the title ‘Making Sense of Coffee’ wasn’t working. I’m not a dad and have no place making puns like that.   I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Body’. It dives into the pop science of all our bits and pieces, […]

What’s Happening at Black Market?

OUR NEW WAREHOUSE The BIG news is that we have a new warehouse! The site is 420m2 and will allow us to finally bring everything under one roof.  Whilst it’s a big empty space at the moment we love the vibe in here.  It has lots of natural light, nice double height ceilings in the […]

Reflecting on the Challenges of Latte Art

Do you remember when you poured your first fire breathing dragon flying over the oriental mountains under a starry sky from nothing but the most perfectly textured milk? Yeah me neither. But I do remember as a young Padawan barista the slow arduous journey of latte art. It’s a long way from dumping that frothy […]

FIKAPAUS! Our new monthly tradition

Have you heard of fika? You have most certainly partaken in fika, but probably under one of its inferior conceptions such as the morning tea, or a smoko. The Swedes have Sweded (a Be Kind Rewind reference for the Michel Gondry fans) the morning tea to give it a depth and richness that elevates this […]

Our very own Yike’s Competition Coffee – Finca Villa Betulia, Colombia

Our very own Gladiator – Yike Today we want to introduce you to our resident gladiator, also known as Yike, super barista, and her journey from super barista, to gladiator barista of glory. You have already journeyed with her, you drinking Black Market coffee fuelled her rigorous barista competition training programme, so well done you! […]

Nicaragua Single Origin Release Winter 2020

  NICARAGUA Las Nubes Process: Washed The name Las Nubes comes from the beautiful views that the clouds make around the tops of the mountain and over the rainforest set coffee farms of this region. This coffee comes from a collection of 20 farms in the region and is the perfect sip to get you […]

Burundi Single Origin Release Winter 2020

  BURUNDI Ngoze Nzove Mwumba Washed Elevation: 1631 MASL Process: Washed Variety: Red Bourbon Harvest: March – July The name of this processing station is ‘Nzove’ which originates from the name ‘inzovu’, the Kirundu word for elephant. The fertile coffee plantations were once, in a time long ago, home to a vast number of elephant […]