Does Australia grow coffee?

This is a great question and one which you may be surprised to hear the answer….YES! Australia grows coffee. Is it any good you might ask? Some estates are seriously taking note of and are making waves on the world stage.

So, why are we making a fuss of all this? Many countries around the world grow coffee!

Well, Mother Nature didn’t really intend for coffee to grow in Australia. The precious Arabica varietal has strict growing conditions. Being that it is typically grown in the ‘coffee belt’ around the equator, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. It grows best in sub tropical or equatorial climates at an elevation between 1800-6300 feet.

Whist there are not really any major regions in Australia which fulfill this criteria exactly, we are a resourceful bunch. Utilising some great little microclimates near the border of NSW and Queensland matched with some innovative farming practices and machinery, we are seeing some fantastic beans.

At Black Market Roasters, we often run Single Origin coffee’s from Australia, when we believe they taste great and are good value for you all to buy. The Japanese consumers absolutely LOVE Aussie coffee. At times that drives the price amazingly high, due to the little supply.

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At Black Market Roasters we freshly roasted single origin beans like Australian beans and rotate new single origins from around the world every month! To keep up-to-date with our offerings each month, make sure to check out our blog page.

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