It’s been an awesome month! We’ve successfully installed our roaster and are super excited to be cupping and drinking some of the first batches at the moment.

You’ve probably also noticed our new 1kg bags that are in circulation since last week, we have been working on these for a while and really happy with how they turned out!  We can’t wait to fill them all up with fresh coffee from our fresh new roaster.

Though there is still a lot of work to do, our training room is in operation and the crew are stoked to finally be running our foundation classes in the new space. 


We have some amazing new coffees arriving!! Get your taste buds ready for Myanmar, Peru and Honduras. Some stunners on the cupping table.



Franco went out to the prestigious Ravensworth School for Girls last week, hosting an intensive coffee course for hospitality students. Black Market Training works closely with interested schools and businesses to train the next generation of baristas, ensuring they meet the specialty industry standards. Well done Franco!