Here at Black Market Roasters we are dedicated to specialty coffee.

We are coffee connoisseurs, experienced industry leaders, passionate barista trainers, roasters, adventurers, innovators, and passionate about what we do every day.

About the Founders

Black Market Roasters was founded Angus Nicol and Jessica Hol. Like all great businesses, this one started in a garage tucked away from the spotlight. After successfully opening two cafes, Angus & Jess taught themselves the craft of roasting specialty coffee. From these humble beginnings has sprouted a bustling wholesale and training company with two cafes to keep them busy.

The goal has always been to share specialty coffee with as many people as possible. Through their wholesale company, Black Market Roasters, they have been able to partner with passionate people to deliver that goal.

Today, Jessica is the head green buyer and quality control, while Angus runs the operations and management team. They live on the south coast of NSW, are often working overseas and growing their little family, both at home and in the business!